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ChromaLuxe is the leader in high-definition surfaces that are the most vibrant, durable and will last a lifetime. Our manufacturing process uses the latest technology to provide the highest quality metal prints, wood photo panels and table top in the industry.

Through the process of dye sublimation, images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of metal, wood and table top panels. The process turns every image into a vibrant work of art.

ChromaLuxe Metal Prints Philippines

Extremely vibrant and exceptional detail that will last for generations. ChromaLuxe metal prints are the number one choice of photo labs worldwide. Photo Panels Infusing dyes directly into specially-coated metal prints result in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution. ChromaLuxe metal prints are also extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance […]

ChromaLuxe Wood Prints Philippines

ChromaLuxe wood prints come in a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and display options. Images are infused directly into specially coated wood panels with a scratch resistant finish, making them durable and long-lasting. Photo Panels Wood photo panels come in either a natural or standard white base look. Each have a beveled edge with […]

ChromaLuxe Display Options Philippines

ChromaLuxe photo panels display images beautifully without hiding them behind glass, but you still need something to hold them to the wall or prop up on a desk. ChromaLuxe offers a variety of display options that allow you to hang metal prints on the wall or display them on a desk or bookcase. The ChromaLuxe […]

ChromaLuxe Table Tops Philippines

ChromaLuxe table tops provide you the option of customizing furniture for a variety of residential and commercial spaces. Images are infused into the most durable coating in the world to provide a vibrant image, and a scratch resistant result that will last a lifetime. ChromaLuxe table tops start with 3/4″ moisture-resistant board that is then […]

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